I had my second doctors appointment yesterday.  When asked how I was doing, I pretty much replied, "Uh, I don’t feel pregnant.  I am not having any symptoms, other than crying at stupid stuff on TV and knowing full well how ridiculous I am being."  Ultimately I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

      The doctor tried to find the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler and couldn’t.  Of course I rationally knew that I shouldn’t panic, but when you cant find a heartbeat, you panic.  So we headed over to the ultrasound room to take a closer look.

      The baby has grown SO MUCH from 4 weeks ago!  You could easily make out it’s head and body, see the spine, and the doctor could see the heart beating (I couldn’t, so I had to trust him).  He said the heartbeat was fast, so that is a good sign.

      Coolest part was when we initially started the ultrasound, he had it positioned and still on my stomach and the baby started moving around a bunch!  It is definitely active (he reassured me it will be quite some time before I will actually feel it), so everything is looking healthy and great!  My next appointment is on October 2nd and then the one after is October 30th – by the end of October, we should be going in to do the big battery of ultrasounds where they measure all of the baby’s anatomy to make sure it’s healthy.  We will likely have a ton of photos to post from that!

      I still haven’t gained any weight and the doc asked if I was eating enough … to which I started laughing and told him that I have NO problems eating (like any Skorupa’s do…).  I am okay with not gaining right now – figure it will eventually happen, so slow and steady is fine by me.  I will say that the weight is shifting a bit, as my stomach does feel thicker (so much for being able to suck it in).

      I just realized that I missed sending out the Week 11 update (you can take a quick look if you would like) and we are now just entering Week 12.  Glad we moved to Week 12, as my dad was set on calling the baby a "Prune" when the size was really a Fig in Week 11.  Now the baby is about the size of a lime (yay for moving onto another piece of fruit).  Makes me think of Domenic … Dee and March named him Limey about this time :)  It does call out that the baby will start squirming around when prodded (hello ultrasound!) and it’s reflexes are starting to develop.  Very exciting!



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