Part of our weekly routine includes soccer classes for Gavin and Carter on Wednesday mornings. Gavin is first and doing extremely well given he is *almost* four and out there with five and six year olds. This is a tamer group, one with a lot of girls and where Gavin experiences some wonderful successes while he works through developing his coordination on the ball.

      The second hour Carter is out there. His class includes a bunch of kids from his Kindergarten class (they do not go to school on Wednesdays in the half day program). It’s awesome – Tyler, James, Ryan, Kirk (who was absent the day of photos) and the lone little girl Rachel (who also happens to be James’ twin). This is a much more aggressive class with mainly five and six year old boys. They go hard, they keep score and depending on the week friends go up against friends in the final scrimmage. So here are some fun photos of their photo day. I love the joy on their faces, as well as complete concentration or spacing out depending on the moment and activity, haha. And I love love love that Rachel is out there with the boys. As someone with two older brothers who routinely beat the crap out of me growing up, seeing Rachel hold her own with the boys does nothing short of make me smile wide and proud! As my family would say, “She’s okay, for a girl” And while it doesn’t seem like it, that is the highest compliment I can pay her :) My family knows that girls end up kickin butt and takin names!


      <Photos are downsized considerably>