And we start to build on the weekly mileage:
      Ran 15 miles total: Monday:3, Wednesday:4, Thursday:3, Saturday:5
      Walked 10.6 miles: Monday:2, Tuesday:2.5, Wednesday:1, Thursday:1, Friday:3.6, Sat: .5

      Dad met me for a lot of these and either biked or walked them, which was fantastic.  I found that the five mile run really wasn’t too bad since I have been doing mileage all week long.  I was a little tired by the end of it, but could have easily kept going.  So far this training program is working great – granted it is only the second week, but I am really enjoying it (sadly!).

      The Bittersweet End: Today was the last day that I breastfed Carter.  I weaned him off of me about a week faster than I originally planned and I am happy & sad all at the same time.  I am happy to have the freedom now (I immediately got the pump packed up to go in the attic & the brest friend is next!), but sad because this marks a huge milestone for us … he is getting so big and this day seemed like it was so far away.  My little boy is growing too fast!!!  Speaking of my little boy, Carter loves his feet now.  Over the last couple of weeks he has really discovered them and is totally into holding onto them.

      The other bittersweet end, Mark and Kim sold their house – close date will be the end of September, so we are all very excited for them!  Now they are on the serious hunt for a house – we can’t wait to see what they end up with.  :-)


      Oh, so bittersweet. :-(