Change begins with a single decision, a choice or a step in a new direction. Every new year presents itself as a blank canvas for moving forward.  Add a new decade on top of that and there is an entire art show yet to be created.

      I have never been so excited to begin anew as I am this year. The challenges from the last year meant growth. Painful growth, but growth all the same. I now understand how to be in the present moment. To let go of judgement as much as possible (it really is astonishing how it is human nature to judge, even when you don’t mean to). To have the grace to say I am doing as much as I can and knowing that it is more than enough. To be forgiving when expectations aren’t met and to help reset those expectations so they are achievable. To stay silent when all I want to do is shout. To listen to what is not being said in order to fully understand. So. Much. Growth.

      And I will carry all that growth into 2020. I will work on taking one moment, one step and one choice at a time. I will try my hardest to be as thoughtful as possible in each moment and I will not judge myself if I am not. Instead I will recalibrate and try again.

      I tend to always do a post on January first of what my New Year goals are. I reflect back on the previous year and then write down my hopes for the upcoming one. My reflection for this last year is a lot more somber than normal for me, but my goals and hopes for this next year are light and promising.

      We have some fun travel planned already (both with and without kids), two of our nieces are graduating high school and starting college and my baby is finishing elementary school and heading to middle school – a huge transition for sure. There will be a ton of soccer, some gardening and plenty of time with the people important in our lives.

      I decided to start another 365 Project (well, 366 since it is leap year). I miss the running diary of our lives after taking a year off and will adjust some things to make it a little more manageable. I will post photos daily(ish) on Instagram – my handle is l_halbert if you want to follow along there. I will also continue to do a weekly recap here for my personal record.

      I have been reading a lot in preparation for this project and wanted to share an article that resonated with me. I have realized that I want to work on photographing with intent. One resource suggested the “One-Picture Promise” where you look at the scene and pretend you can only take one photo – what would it be? To slow down and actually LOOK versus just seeing the scene in front of you. Too many people take the spray and pray approach, where they just let the shutter rip and figure out of the hundreds of photos they just took, a few should turn out. Problem with that is the amount of work to cull and figure out what is good and what is not. Plus you aren’t learning anything.

      I need to slow down. I need to look. And I need to try to start with the one picture promise. I know there will be times when I need to rapidly shoot – living with two boys who have zero patience means that will happen at times if I want to get anything. But if I try shooting with more intent and figure out what I want to do prior to asking them for the photo, they should be good with humoring me. And I feel like it is time for this new approach, as it is in complete alignment with taking life one moment at a time.

      So this is my 2020. One moment at a time, with thoughtfulness and intent.



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