On Saturday evening I was texting with Denise, who was back in the hospital again with contractions.  She is only 33 weeks along in her pregnancy and has been in and out of the hospital for the last few weeks.  Our texts started as, “I am going to be stuck here for 1-2 weeks” then progressed to, “Should be at least 48 hours and anything more than that is great” and then an hour and a half later I get the text, “It’s a boy!”  In true Denise-fashion, she had to surprise us all by having the baby way earlier than anyone expected.

      Cole Douglas Federico weighed in at five pounds on the money and is 18 inches long.  He has a lot of dark brown hair, the biggest hands and feet I have ever seen on a little guy, and he even opened his eyes to look at me a bit.  He is in the NICU and has needed the CPAP to make sure he is breathing well, but they are hoping to remove that within the next day or so.  (Comparatively, Domenic – Denise’s 3 year old – was born at 30 weeks, was 4lbs, 2oz, and stopped breathing 8 times his first night … Cole is a champ and is doing great!).

      Denise is doing well in her recovery from her c-section and I can confidently say, is very happy to no longer be pregnant.