Congrats to Bethany & Mo – on Saturday, May 30th at 8:52am weighing 7lbs, 9oz they welcomed Ainslie Piper Loew!  Sounds like B did amazingly through labor, got the epidural, and only had to push for a half hour!  NICE!!!  Ainslie has a full head of hair and is beautiful, just like her mama.  I am SO excited for them and happy that everyone is healthy!

      Tomorrow Carter and I have a big day – we are heading to Straddleline for my first outing on the 150 dirt bike (Straddleline is a dirt biking track).  Jeremy bought me a bunch of gear that was on sale and yesterday I got new offroading boots & helmet, so I am all ready.  I am little nervous about having to kick start the 150 because I haven’t ever done that before (love the electric starts).  We will have a full day with Mark, Kimmy, Nathan, & Mom & Dad and since we have Carter, we are taking the motorhome so that we have a comfortable home base to work from.  I am sure there will be a ton of video and photos, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t kill myself trying to jump (HAHA … right … I will be the granny out there puttering over the whooptie-wooo’s).