Today at 3:24pm, we welcomed Gavin Charles as the newest member of our family. Weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 10oz, he is doing fantastic. Labor was a lot different from Carter and I will go into more details when we get home, but overall I only pushed for 14 minutes. We will be in the hospital until tomorrow afternoon and then Carter will finally get to meet his little brother. And today when Auntie Kimmy asked if he wanted to meet Gavin, he promptly replied with “NOOOOO!” This is going to be interesting!


      Congratulations on the addition to your family. The picture seems to show quiet contentment, but we would like see
      his face when he finds out how much “rental” he owes!
      Our very best wishes to you all
      Love, John & Betty xxx

      Had trouble getting used to this new system, hence the duplicated messages sorry about that

      Congratulations on the new arrival. Picture great, but little does he know the “rental bill” facing him when he wakes up!

      Our best wishes to you all.

      Love John & Betty xxx

      Congratulations on the addition to your family. The picture looks as if he hasnt a care in the world but then he is not aware yet of the rental charges due!
      Best wishes to you all, with much love, John & Betty xxx

      Congratulations, darling, he’s beautiful!

      Oh, and see, you DO come from hearty stock!

      Congratulations! I think that I win the pool based on date and weight. HAHA!

      No seriously, congratulations on a healthy new addition to your family. And, I love that you had time to blog from the hospital. That is dedication.


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