We have a beautiful weekend ahead of us, with temperatures in the 70s and lots of sunshine!  Seems like Spring has been evading the Northwest this year – so much rain and cooler temperatures, it has definitely taken a hit on my energy level and even mood.  But we have our first longer stretch of good weather ahead of us now and my grand plans are to get the yard planted, have Jeremy (or me) pressure wash the back patio, and spend as much time outdoors as possible (HULLO BBQ!!!).

      Made a trip to BRU yesterday and bought a sun dome for the occasion so that Carter could hang out with me on the grass while I plant.  This will also be great for this summer when we go to Lake Wenatchee and hang out on the beach too.  I also bought a Boppy so that we had something to prop Carter up on and he loves it!  Tummy time now doesn’t result in crying the entire time.  His neck is getting so strong – he is holding his head up more often than not now!

      Carters blood work all came back normal and his temperature was down at his appointment, so he is doing great.  In fact, yesterday he smiled and coo’d at me for a really long time while we were hanging out on the boppy!  I got some photos and will get them posted this weekend.