I go into labor? That has been my motto the last two days. I spent three hours cleaning up our front yard yesterday – raking the moss out of the grass, cleaning up the flower beds from the winter storms. You would think that all that movement, bending, lifting would have started SOMETHING. The only thing that happened was me solidifying myself as the “crazy pregnant lady” with the neighbors.

      So now it looks like Melissa’s birthday is more than likely safe. There has been ZERO movement so far today, I guess it could still happen, but I highly doubt it. I just responded to an email where I pointed out that at this rate, K2 will share a birthday with Uncle Mark (April 22). Uncle Mark responded that it is more likely K2 will share a birthday with Uncle Scott (Aug 31). Then Uncle Mark said I should start charging K2 rent. Haaaa – if only I could!


      hang in there mama, you’re almost there!!! and i know it’s small consolation to your concerns, but do know that induction can be a really wonderful experience :-) xoxo


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