For me, New Years always brings me to a point of reflection (hence my last post) and a need for self examination and change for the upcoming year. Instead of doing resolutions this year, I decided I am just going to have a list of goals that I would like to obtain.

      • Actually start and finish a Project 52: I tried it last year, I was pregnant, tired, and a LOT happened in our lives. This year will be busy, but simplified in so many ways.
      • Run at least three Half Marathons: I am already signed up for the Vancouver BC one with Denise, Jeremy and I are going to do one back east together for our 5 year anniversary, and we likely will do the Leavenworth Oktoberfest one again.
      • Complete P90X: My friend Angela swears by this program, so I am going to give it a whirl for 90 days and then I will start my training for the Vancouver half. I did the fit test today (man, I am out of shape!) and still refuse to take before photos, some things should really just never be seen, lol.
      • Plant a large veggie garden and figure out a way to keep the bunnies out of it – if anyone has had to deal with bunnies in there yard, they know why this has to get listed as a goal. They are cute and all, until the annihilate your peas/green beans/peppers/insert favorite veggie here.
      • Document the hell out of my children all year long with photos, posts, and video. I cannot believe how quickly they are growing and changing and I know within a blink of an eye they are going to be 18 and off to college. I am taking it all in so that we don’t forget the wonderfully funny and unique things they do.

      And that is it – I hope you all enjoy following along in the crazy adventures! And to kick it off, here are the munchkins playing together … sorta:





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