Christmas Eve and Christmas day both came with a bunch of snow for us!  We probably got another few inches on Christmas eve before it turned to rain in the afternoon.  Our total snowfall has to be at least a foot!  Scary part is that our area is probably one of the ones that didn’t get AS much – at my parents house it never turned to rain, so the snow depth there by Christmas day was nuts.  I think this will likely be our one true white Christmas for the next 10-15 years (it has been about that long since the last one with this amount).

      Christmas eve we had Jeremy’s parents over for brunch, where I made a baked french toast casserole recommended to me by Bethany.  It was FANTASTIC and something that we will definitely make again!  After exchanging our gifts, we tried to figure out the Killer Bunnies game that Megan got Jeremy and I for Christmas.  Our first pass at it with his parents was a bit rough (trying to learn the rules), but after they left, Jeremy and I discovered that it is likely better with more than two players after a few subsequent rounds where he annihilated me.

      Christmas day was crazy and loud over at my parents, where excited kids were running around & ready to rip into their presents.  I think the highlight of the day was my dad randomly using the helmet cam that Mark/Kim/Kids/Us got him.  At one point during a game of "Would you rather?" he captured the Grandma evil-eye look and "You are in big trouble" face just before he turned it off!  We also attached it to the top of a giant remote Bug car that Ryan received.  Was funny seeing a video from the car’s point of view, and what it looked like when it ran into stuff.  Good fun for our Christmas day :-)

      Today is also a big day on the baby front – I am now officially in my third trimester!  We are at Week 28 and the Bean is starting to develop light sensitivity, is two and a quarter pounds, and 14.8 inches long!  I think that the baby has lodged its foot under my right rib, as more often than not I need to stretch around to try to get comfortable from something stuck there.  My next doctor’s appointment is next Friday and then I start going every two weeks after that (we will do a profile photo again before that one).  I can’t believe we only really have anywhere from 2.5-3 months to go … I told myself I need to be prepared for basically anytime after about March 15th … that isn’t that far away.  Jeremy signed us up for a bunch of classes in January & February, so ultimately what is left is getting the nursery ready to go (including all the stuff that we need for the baby).  EEEK! :-)

      Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!