And that is exactly what it felt like!  While we were wishing Chase a Happy 13th Birthday during a phone call to India, all the sudden there was this sensation of something tickling the bottom of my stomach!  It was light and fluttery and it HAD to have been the baby!  I have felt it a little bit since then, I think a lot of it has to do with the position that it is in, so I am still pretty hit and miss.  And I now definitely have a baby bump – being lazy in bed this morning, there it was … sticking up at us.  We are going to take pictures today and I will get them posted tonight so that everyone can see what it looks like.

      We are now in Week 17 and the baby is the size of a turnip and will grow to 5 inches long, weighing 5 oz.  I can’t believe the amount of growth in one week!  The bones of the baby are starting to harden and the joints are formed – so crazy!

      We are at the cabin this weekend for Oktoberfest and the trees are absolutely lovely.  Jeremy is going to try out his new Honda 150 that mysteriously showed up in the garage this week.  Should be fun!



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