Our house is warm (thankfully not hot) – except for the room with the air conditioner (which Jeremy moved to the family room), so we are hanging out in there tonight.  It was time for Carter’s last feeding of the night and I informed Jeremy that the rocking chair is really comfortable to feed Carter in.  I got an “Oh Yeah?” and then watched as he promptly strapped on the “My Brest Friend” and grabbed Carter.  I was cracking up and of course had to take some photos of it!  (The Brest Friend is the green pillow that Carter is laying on and is support for breastfeeding him)

      feedingtime                           feedingtime2

      Carter looks so big in these pictures!!  I can’t believe how much he has grown :-)

      Oh, we scrapped the pool idea when we went out there and saw a bunch of dead bugs collected in it throughout the day…ew.