Today is the last day of our vacation … it has been wonderful to be able to relax and only do what you feel like, not what you are responsible for.  And the time has passed far too quickly – I could easily use another week.  Ah well, my work emails are piling up & not so patiently waiting to be dealt with, so much for holding the stress at bay for as long as possible!

      Everyone arrived on Tuesday late afternoon & after getting the motorhome set up, we took the dogs on a long walk to get some of their energy out.  Storms blew in on Wednesday and it felt like fall – we even made a fire at night (loved the ambiance of it, but it was also chilly outside!).  Over the course of the next few days, the kids and adults scouted out the entire area on the motorbikes (I am sure that Jeremy will write more on this later).  It was fun to watch the kids buzzing around – Ryan is getting really good on his bike and Nikki is learning on the little Honda 50, in the meantime, she ran around on her little ATV and had a great time!  Mom, Nikki, and I headed into town on Wednesday and found a farmers market just outside of Leavenworth.  They had all their fall decorations out (minus the pumpkins) and I found I was ready to start getting my fall stuff in order … that will have to wait until next weekend though, can’t do anything until at least September 1st.  I got some cute pictures of Nikki that I will post later, but not much more outside of that.  The weather was pretty yucky and other than taking walks, I didn’t actually do a whole lot :-)

      Mom, Dad, and I decided to extend our time at the cabin and not go out on the boat – the weather was iffy and it was a lot of work to get the boat ready for only a few days.  Instead we stayed at the cabin until Friday and then the three of us bailed before all the guys showed up for the "Guys Weekend" up there.  So I have had the last few days of quiet at home, puttering around the yard, shopping, and reading.  It was the perfect wind down for the week!

      On the baby front, we are now entering Week 10.  S/he is now that size of a kumquat and moving around a lot and it’s nails are starting to grow and develop.  I thought I felt a fluttering last week and I know it is too early to feel the baby, but on the message boards there were a bunch of women who said they had felt their baby move anywhere from nine to ten weeks (and it was always with the 2/3/4 child).  Just interesting to hear the stories and wonder what the heck is going on :-)  I still feel great, not really too tired (though I did sleep a lot this last week), and after I get some good exercise, I tend to want a nap!  Shawna warned me that pretty soon I will want to work a nap in as often as possible, so we shall see when that kicks in…

      Okay – off to get some yard work done before the rain hits today!



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