In August while I was still on maternity leave, we got my parents and Aunt and Uncle together for wine tasting in Woodinville. Since moving to the area, we thought it would be a lot of fun to explore all the hidden gem wineries in our neighborhood. Little did we know there were over 80 of them now. Too bad for us!! This is definitely something Jeremy and I will continue to explore since all of them are about ten minutes from our new house. As Carter would say, “SCORE!” and then give you a high five.

      The below photos were taken with my 40D and I can tell the difference immediately when editing them. The images just aren’t as crisp. Could be the camera, could be that I was taking photos after several glasses of wine…


      (Upper Left: Uncle Norm & Dad, then dad; Middle: Aunt Deirdre and mom, Jeremy giving me “the look”; Bottom: Mom & I, Aunt Deirdre & Jeremy, Uncle Norm)



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