Jeremy LOVES a good breakfast. Me, not so much. I enjoy them, but they aren’t really my thing (I am more of a lunch girl). Anywho, we have been talking about wanting to explore some of the local cafés to find some good breakfast eats. We have been to the Maltby Café, which is delicious and their menu offers a wide variety of choices, including a massive cinnamon roll. On Saturday we decided to head to the Woodinville Café. Jeremy and Carter have been there before, but Gavin and I haven’t. Breakfast was okay, their cinnamon rolls were better than at the Maltby Café. Out of the two, if I just want a cinnamon roll I would head to the Woodinville Café. But if I was looking for a good and hearty breakfast, Maltby Café wins.

      Here are a few photos from our meal. First one is a photo Jeremy took of Carter and I with his phone – Carter is now wanting to read everything he can! After that are some pictures I took with my big camera – I have been trying to haul it with me more or less everywhere these days.




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