I always thought it was so cute when Carter could roll over.  And then we were SO excited that he could crawl!  And now the pulling up and trying to figure out how to walk … it has been such a treat.  Until this week.
      Carter has always been strong and he continues to grow stronger every day by pulling himself up on the furniture, trying new things, and now doing absolutely anything and everything he can to roll over and crawl away while we are changing his diaper or getting him dressed.  Oh, the BEST ones are the poopy diapers.  Why are we encouraging him to be so mobile??  I think this is now our least favorite phase.
      In the meantime, I am learning how to use lightroom and was playing around the other day with taking photos of Carter in front of the sliding glass door where the light is always interesting.  This one is taken with my 50mm/1.4.


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