Things just seem to happen all at once.  This morning after the 6am wake up call by Carter, he finally figured it out.  Instead of constantly crawling backwards, he started making consistent progress forward!  Previously we would have to give him a hard surface to back into before he could launch forward.  Now, he has figured out how to do it on his own.  Unfortunately the one thing that motivates him the most is the xbox controller (he loves that thing).  Reason it is unfortunate is because it is hard plastic that gave him a big ole bump on the head when he launched hard and ran into it.  I give it another week or so and I bet he is crazy-mobile.  Sorry grandma!!

      Not only is he moving forward, but he also has figured out how to spin around too.  With this he is a bit like Zoolander because he can only seem to go in one direction.  Part of the fun today was watching him spin from toy to toy to toy for awhile.

      He is also basically sitting up on his own now too (see, all at once).  I bought him a few 6+ month toys that have fun noises (a ball with a monkey that helps encourage sitting or crawling, his own little phone that makes noise and shows numbers & letters & a little dump truck with balls in it that make noise).  He has a great time sitting there and playing with things and can now go for decently long stretches.  Only when he gets tired will he tip over – he also figured out how to fall more slowly now too.

      On another note – I can’t move.  I ran 10 miles today in one hour, 44 minutes.  I have come to the conclusion that my sweet-spot long runs are between 6-7 miles.  Anything after that and I get completely exhausted and my body starts to hurt.  My knees got really sore around mile 8 and I only ended up with one blister on one toe at the end.  I really wanted to be done at mile 8 too & if I weren’t out on a trail, I probably would have figured out an excuse to stop.  But, there was only one way back to the car, so I kept going.  After getting home, showering, and eating, I went back to bed for an hour and a half and still have accomplished nothing today.  Oh well!