I started my first photography project in 2012 where I attempted to do a photo a week for a year. I wanted a structured way to force myself to pick up my camera, to document my kids lives and to have a running record of what our lives are like. This morphed into a 10 on 10 project in 2013 where I would post my favorite ten frames from the tenth of the month for a year. I often posted more than ten frames, but it was a good way to tell a story of our days.

      In January of 2014 I decided to attempt a 365 Project … a photo a day for a year. Once I did it, I was pretty much hooked. For 2015 I was going to take a break, but then I started another 365 Project on my birthday to document the last year in my 30s, but instead of just one photo, I posted as many as I wanted from that day. 2016 saw very few posts from me as I recovered from the crazy task of so. many. photos. But as I looked back, I missed the regularity of seeing my boys grow. I missed picking up my camera. So I started another 365 Project in 2017 and continued on into 2018.

      Frankly, I have a feeling I will be doing these until both my kids leave for college … it is such a wonderful way to remember our year. Not all the photos are portfolio worthy … in fact, most are not. There are a lot of crappy phone photos that show the moment and the memories (which is what is most important to me), there are a lot of shots of kids sleeping or glasses of wine because I forgot to take a photo earlier in the day and that seems to be my evening. But there are also a lot of photos that perfectly capture my kids personalities. What our house looks like. What we were doing that year. New experiences, new looks and the ups and downs of real life.

      I couldn’t love it more. And I hope you enjoy it as well.