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      2016 Octography | Days 22-31 Octography Week 4+ - it was a busy week for us leading up to Halloween and the last Octography post. October 22nd He loves his new cub scouts uniform so much t... READ MORE
      2016 Octography | Days 15-21 Blog Week 3 - more photos came from my phone as I was out and about, so the quality on some of these is meh. But something was captured! October 15th Fal... READ MORE
      2016 Octography | Days 8-14 Blog Ahhhh Week 2 - it's always the second week that can be a challenge, but I was on it! Make sure you follow my niece's progress over on her blog as well... READ MORE
      2016 Octography | Days 1-7 Blog My niece Taylor spent the first weekend of October with us and she and I agreed to "create' every day for the month of October. For Taylor it will be ... READ MORE